About Me & The Blog


Hi, I’m Rebekah Elizabeth! I’m an enthusiastic, Jesus lovin, event planning, people loving, young adult. I LOVE flamingos, fall days, and all things FOOD & COFFEE!

I’ve often thought that my thoughts were a hurricane. There is far too many all at once, rapidly swirling around my head. until you reach the eye of the hurricane, and its just silent and they some how make sense.

I spent a large amount of time in my life not knowing how to communicate these random, odd, intense, sometimes serious, sometimes far from serious thoughts. Because speaking these thoughts into existence gives me serious anxiety just thinking about. But writing intimidates me, mainly because I don’t do punctuation or grammar…. like ever. Nonetheless I found that writing out my thoughts in different forms was the only way for me to truly figure what was in that hurricane of mine.

So if I’m being honest this blog is mainly for me. But the reason I do it publicly is because I personally have learned a lot about what I’m thinking by hearing, seeing, reading what someone else was thinking. So this blog is here in hopes that some of you can sort through your personal hurricanes by hearing a little about mine.

Thanks for visiting the page. Feel free if you have any comments, questions, or need prayer about anything to leave me a message. Life’s got struggles, I do too! so i’d love to be in prayer for anyone who needs it 🙂