Some moments of life are so perfect, but we are oblivious of their perfection. A moment can be so easily overlooked if we are looking for better down the road instead of looking for what is  better now.
If we keep looking to the future for better we will never see the better which we were looking for yesterday.
We will never see today for all God has made it to be.

Sometimes we need to stop and look into those things we want to be better or different and thank God for those things. Because right now that’s what you need in your life.
Sometimes instead of roses you need thorns. You need to find the beauty of the thorns and all that they represent in comparison to the rose. We don’t need better, what we need we have, because God provides all we need. He has carefully pieced together every detail of your day, every specific obstacles to make us who he wants us to be. With Jesus your life already is better and you need nothing more than that.

So lets take a step back…. and not think about what would be better, or best from our point of view, and just think about what is. I guarantee you that what is, is the very thing you and I need. why, because its making us who we never thought we could be. Trials build perseverance and perseverance¬† builds character. I don’t know about you but the one thing that I truly want to be BETTER in my life is my character.

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