Opening up…

Sometimes when you open up you let the bad in with the good.

That’s a scary thought to me
Opening yourself up to new life
New excitement
A new pair of eyes to see life through
But with that comes new fears
New challenges
New wounds

So often all I see is the latter half. My eyes are distracted by the bad that comes in from opening up to someone. I fail to look past the junk we all bring in and connect the fact that the good and bad walk hand and hand when you open up.

I use to think when you open up you either let good in OR you let bad in, and more often than not it was the bad. I was missing the bigger picture. Opening up exposes the rawness of our humanity to the beauty, junk, and frailty of another person’s humanity. Openness isn’t weakness by allowing painful things in.

It’s a risk, are you ready to take it?

I spent so many years not willing to take the risk. Unable to let people in for fear or being hurt. Because of that I hindered myself from growing in the places and at the pace that God wanted to grow and change me in. It wasn’t until recently that I finally allowed people into my life. Knowing those very people could walk away I still chose to open up and be real with them. Since then I’ve been on a cRaZy journey with God. He has been working in me like never before, changing so much so quickly. And I will not lie to you, A LOT of ugliness arises from the openness of our humanity. There is A LOT of pain in the exposure and rawness. And people WILL leave even after you allow them to get close to you. Those are all things that make it a risk. But to me the risk is worth the growth that I so desire. Growth in areas that my own eyes are blind to, I need a fresh pair of eyes to show me their perspective. The more people I’ve embraced openness with the more I experience freedom and satisfaction. I WAS BORN FOR THIS, born relationally, born for fellowship, born for the risk.

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